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Food cravings and aversions to certain foods are common during pregnancy. The causes of cravings remain a mystery! There is no harm in satisfying food cravings within reasonable limits especially when they have nutritional value. 

Some women find the smell and taste of a special type of clay and other non-food items irresistible in pregnancy. Other women are attracted to dry laundry starch, dirt, or other substances that are not thought of as being food. Some women find dried powdered milk as a good substitute for dry laundry starch to satisfy their cravings.

If you crave for something which is good for you and your baby then you can enjoy it. But if your cravings may put you and your baby's nutritional needs in jeopardy, then it is better to be avoided or substituted by other nutritious substances.

Raisins, dried apricots, cookies or chocolate bars instead of sugary candies. When substitutes donot satisfy, try distractions like exercise, knitting, reading, watching movies, listening to music etc.

Most cravings and aversions disappear by four months. If they don't disappear by the fourth month they could be due to emotional needs-the need for extra attention from your spouse. Some women find themselves craving for peculiar substances like clay, ash and laundry starch. This may be due to nutritional deficiency,mainly of iron.You should report to your doctor for this.


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