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You are now well into what is called the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. You may be required to visit your doctor more frequently. Though the foetal organ-systems are capable of functioning properly, they are not mature as yet. Hence you have to take good care of yourself as you are not ready to deliver your baby.

Common Complaints:
The changes that your organ system undergoes are at their peak now.Your heart is beating faster and pumping out more blood than ever before hence you may have

  • breathlessness while doing routine work,
  • palpitation,
  • air hunger.

There are increased amount of blood (but diluted due to increase in water / plasma content) in your body and hence you have something called physiological anaemia of pregnancy leading to:

  • giddiness,
  • blackouts and
  • fatigue.

The complaints previously experienced will be exacerbated.    

E.g.: Nasal congestion, bleeding, leg cramps, backache, vaginal discharge, heartburn, insomnia, skin eruptions and itching.

Feotus / Your Baby Inside:
Your baby is growing well by now and fills up almost all the space in the uterus. The fluid around your baby is also at its maximum at the end of this period.Your baby is around 35 40cms (14 16") and is in a curled up position. It can feel pain and might jump during loud sounds and when prodded. It has periods of increased activity interspersed with periods of quiescence or sleep. An average feotus may have around 8 12 movements in 12 hours.


Your uterus has enlarged considerably and it may reach up to midway between your breastbone and navel. It makes you look well and properly pregnant.All the changes that you have experienced during the 2nd trimester are still there and increasing. Emotionally you may start day dreaming and have fantasies about your baby. Some of you may experience weariness and bonding of pregnancy

Visit To Your Doctor:
The frequency of the visit to your doctor will increase. Until now, you had been visiting your doctor monthly. Now you may be called more often and may be required to visit fortnightly.

The various parameters checked remains the same. But more importance is given to:

  • Your weight.
  • Urine examination for proteins and sugars.
  • Growth of the uterus and baby.
  • The baby heart sounds and movements.

In some of you who have some high risk factors, your doctor may advise undertaking certain investigations like:

  • USG        
  • Non stress test (NST)
  • Bio Physical Profile (BPP)
  • Color Doppler Studies. Etc

Important Instructions:
Now that you are fast approaching term ( 37 weeks) you have to be extra careful. It is always a good idea to look for the following alert signals and report them immediately to your doctor or when in doubt.

  • Pain in the abdomen accompanied by hardening of uterus (contraction).
  • Passage of mucus with blood (show) .    
  • Passing watery discharge per vaginum.
  • Bleeding per vaginum.
  • Feeling of lower abdominal heaviness and increased frequency of micturition.
  • Epigastric pain, blurring of vision, nausea, headache, convulsion in woman with PIH
  • Abnormally increased /decreased fetal movements.


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